30 before 30 Update


I initially had a goal to write 50 blog posts this year--  looks like my year has other plans for me so I may have redefine what 50 blog posts means. BUT, outside of that, I have been making some exciting progress on my bucket list for the last year of my twenties! Here's a quick update while it's still April:

5. Buy a new lens I bought a Lensbaby Trio on my trip to New York in March… at B&H no less! It was a slightly overwhelming but fun experience to buy a lens in person at the store.

6. Reading Challenge Update I’ve read kind of a sad 9/40 books so far, I’ll write a separate post outlining the books I’ve so far and how that’s going.

8. Finish another #The100DayProject or 30-Day Challenge I finished the Letter Month challenge back in February by sending mail every day that month! I’m currently working on #The100DayProject to really round out this particular set of goals for the year.

9. Go out of state I visited Boston back in January. I spent half the trip being sick but it counts!

10. Go out of state (again) I visited NYC in March. It was a very packed and eventful trip and I had a blast all around.

11. Half Moon Pose and 12. Crow Pose I’m a little shocked I’ve worked my way up to being able to do crow for any length of time but I’ll take it! I don’t think I’ll be flexible enough to straighten my leg in Bird of Paradise this year (wishful thinking)... but I am playing around with doing a tripod headstand in my door frames so maybe I can substitute for that at the end of the year!

15. Build the Portfolio Side of This Site I basically finished this yesterday-- I’m happy with everything I have in my portfolio section for now and it feels SO GOOD to finally have current work up and out there for anyone to see.

19. 50 Blog Posts (3/50) Like I mentioned, I might have to redefine this a bit. I’m considering counting Instagram posts with written captions or maybe even starting to use my Tumblr.

20. 25 Movies (4/25) I don’t know why I have such a hard time sitting down to a watch a movie, ha! I’m toying with the idea of getting something like a MoviePass just to get myself out there to see all these movies that I want to see but never get around to seeing.

24. 50 Postcards (22/50) To make up for slow progress everywhere else, I am ahead of schedule with postcards at least! My letter month challenge really helped with that.

25. Try out a new art technique or two I broke one of the informal rules of the #100DayProject and bought myself a refurbished iPad Pro and Apple Pencil just in time to use it for the project. I’ve been thinking about getting some kind of tablet for the last few years to replace my old one and I am really glad I bit the bullet and got the iPad. It’s been incredibly fun to be able to sketch on a screen again. I’ve been using Procreate so far but I’m planning on downloading Astropad soon to play around with using photoshop on my iPad.

It is still definitely on my to-do list to play around with resin at some point though, just for fun!

26. Visit the DIA or other art museum So far I’m averaging an art museum a month which definitely exceeded my expectations and has been so inspiring. I’ve been to the MFA and Isabella Steward Gardner Museum in Boston. I went to UMMA with my mom here in Ann Arbor. And The Met in NYC-- though I kind of want to go back to NYC for a short weekend just to see MoMA, bummed I missed it while I was there!

I’ve also been trying to keep track of things I’ve accomplished this year that I didn’t plan on but am still really proud of:

I raised $300 for the CSC as part of the Big House 5k! The fundraising was exciting enough by itself (a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone that donated) but I also ran my first 5k without stopping during that race so that day was a definite high point for me all around.

Emma Bumstead