Final 30 before 30 Update!

I turned 30 earlier this month and at first I was a little disappointed in myself knowing I hadn’t completely finished my original list from last year. But it was a pretty amazing year overall and I accomplished a few things I didn’t really set out to, and also overachieved on a few of my goals, so I’m feeling content going into 2019 and my thirties! Here’s a brief(ish) recap:

Finished! (19/30)

  • Let Go - The idea here was to let go of the things I wasn’t excited about to make room for things that I was. I’m glad I set this as an intention and that it was something I saw every day because I made some huge moves in my life thanks in part to this. I did a lot of critical thinking about who I am and where I fit and shifted things in my personal and professional life.

  • New Lens - Bought a Lensbaby Trio on my trip to NYC earlier this year and it was even more worth it than I thought. I pulled out my camera much more often and used it much more on trips. I also bought myself some macro tubes which have been fun to play with as well!

  • Run a 10K - Ran the Big Ten 10k with my sister in Chicago this year. It was even a bit easier than I was anticipating. Unfortunately now I am completely out of shape relative to August when I ran the race, ha.

  • Finish another 100 Day Challenge - Because I’m a little crazy I actually tackled and completed another 100 Day Challenge this past summer-- proud of myself for finishing this during the craziness that was my summer in my previous job!

  • Go out of state (x2) - I completely overachieved and went on trips to Massachusetts, New York, Wyoming, Illinois, and Ohio over the course of the year. It made me realize it’s actually pretty easy to take quick weekend trips so this is something I want to duplicate in 2019.

  • Half Moon & Crow Poses - Simple, little challenges to myself that I did achieve-- yay!

  • Learn some animation skills - I finished an intro course in After Effects so this definitely counts as a success to me. There might be some opportunity for me to create animated graphics in a major project I’m working on at my new job so I’m excited for that.

  • Build my portfolio site - Done! This was kind of a necessity when I applied for my new job so I’m glad I was given a de facto deadline to finally push myself over the finish line.

  • 12 Photos I love enough to frame - The original thought was to actually print and frame said photos, but seeing as I will be (temporarily) moving back in with my parents in January I am content with just having taken a bunch of photos I loved this year.

  • Host another dinner party - I’m going to count this as a success even though I shouldn’t because I’m really proud of the birthday party I hosted, which I’ll touch on in a minute, and think it should count as 2-for-1.

  • Hang out more with Misty - I feel like, as much as you can be, I have a closer bond with my little boy. I made toys for him this year, let his wings go unclipped so he could fly to me and back as he pleased. It was a solid year for our relationship and I’m glad he’s made it to 20!

  • Write 50 postcards - I think I sent fewer than 50 when it came to postcrossing but overall I definitely sent more than 50 in the year so, in short, success!

  • Try out a new art technique or two - I bought an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil this year and it has been SO fun to dive into illustration as a whole. So I count all of that as learning a new technique, especially since I’ve been able to use illustration in my new job in some fun ways.

  • Visit the DIA or other art museum - This is another one where I seriously overachieved and I’m so happy about it. Art museums I visited this year included the MFA, the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, UMMA, the Met, the Art Institute of Chicago, and the Cleveland Museum of Art. So much good art and zero regrets.

  • Go on a Hike - In another major overachieving moment I not only hiked, but did a week-long back country trip in the Wind River Range in Wyoming with True North Treks. It was an incredible experience I could not have predicted last December but I’m glad I made the relatively last minute commitment to it and went anyway.

  • Visit a Beach - I squeezed this in during a family labor day trip in Ohio. Yes, there are beaches in Ohio and it was perfectly lovely for the 20 minutes we spent on it.

  • Plan something for my 30th Birthday - I had a little seed of an idea to host a Bob Ross birthday party and it turned out to be the best possible way to celebrate entering another decade of my life. It was basically a “paint and pour” but with Bob Ross instructing and a very delicious Whole Foods cake instead of booze. And it made me feel much better about “being old” to see so many friends at one time so if that’s not a success I don’t know what is.

Eh, Good Enough (4/30)

  • Share Better - While I definitely thought a lot about social media this year as a whole (kind of hard not to given how often Facebook was in the news), I’m not sure I changed much about the way I share to say that I really completed this as I intended. I’m thinking one of my 2019 goals will revolve around social media usage and I’ll be more specific about what success means this time around.

  • Work Deeply - I’m getting there but I’m really only at about 50% of where I’d like to be. I’ve definitely realized just how much of Cal Newport’s writing on deep work and focus is true for me. I was getting to a decent place with focus in my old job, but now that I’m in a new job with a totally different working environment I’m working on adjustments and figuring out what makes sense for me now.

  • Konmari my Computer - I made some good progress on this but I didn’t have a lot of time to devote to this in the past year and it’s something that became less important to me as the year went on anyway.

  • Schedule/Review my days/weeks - I think I got a bit ahead of myself on this one with the desire to schedule my days. But I did a pretty good and consistent job of keeping up with my weekly reviews and want to continue with that and build on it for 2019.

Definitely didn’t do, but it’s okay! (7/30)

  • Leave the Country - I ended up going on several out-of-state trips that I think worked a lot better for me considering how my year panned out so I’m not unhappy about “failing” at this one. But I do need to renew my passport this year so I’m dreaming up out-of-country trip ideas again.

  • Reading Challenge - In a year with a lot of change this particular goal did not go according to plan. I definitely read a lot of books but it was almost all exclusively related to fine art with a few exceptions and I’m not even sure I can say I read 40 overall. But I’m totally fine with it considering I had more upheaval in my life than I was anticipating. And I think this upcoming year will have enough major change (I’m moving, etc) that I’m not planning on tackling this like I originally planned next year either. But I still love the idea that I’m going to keep it in mind for 2020 :)

  • Bird of Paradise Pose - So I can do this… just not with straight legs. I have no idea why I thought I would be able to do this without extensive splits training alongside it which I don’t quite have the time to commit to. So I’m not sad about this one!

  • Get into a regular sleep schedule - All I’m going to say is that this one needs a lot of work… haha.

  • 50 Blog Posts - I realized pretty early on that this was going to take much more effort than I initially thought so this is another one that I am okay with not completing. The key piece of this goal was really to document things so that I can remind myself I’m making better progress than I think I am so I will roll that into a 2019 goal in some way.

  • 25 Movies - I’m still confused as to why I find it hard to sit down and watch a movie-- it didn’t help that I cancelled my Netflix DVD plan part way through the year (yes, I still had one lol). But I have seen like two movies in the last week so I’m making up for my failure now.

  • Picnic in the Arb - So I kind of did this very informally on a Bumble date that went nowhere but it did not involve a picnic blanket which I feel is very key so I’m going to carry this over to 2019 because I’m just baffled I didn’t squeeze this very simple goal in somehow.

I’m already looking ahead to 2019, evident by some of the thoughts I expressed in this recap, so I’m going to leave that recap as it is even though I was hoping to make this a bit more of a multimedia post with plenty of photos… especially since I’m thinking “Better to finish something imperfectly than to not finish at all” will be one of my resolutions.

Emma Bumstead