I Don't Have Cancer + November-ish Links

I’m a little bit over a month out from learning that the cyst on my ovary had shrunk and was therefore not cancer! So the immediate anxiety that I was feeling back in October is resolved for now and I am left with just a general low-level anxiety that I think I’m managing fairly well on a daily basis. And I was in a big rush to "resume life as normal" so I wasn't super eager to write about it publicly in the moment, if I'm totally honest.

Things Worth Sharing

I had mentioned wanting to share things not related to cancer back then, too. I tend to thoroughly enjoy the weekly/monthly links that some of my favorite bloggers share. And since I’ve been reading more and still listening to a ton of podcasts, I figured it’d be interesting for me to track noteworthy things as well!


How Essential Oils Became the Cure for Our Age of Anxiety

This is both an informative read and highly entertaining. A line I particularly enjoyed from when the author goes to a Young Living conference: "Never have I sneezed so much; never have I been blessed so enthusiastically when I sneezed.”

Promethea Unbound

This is truly a long read, so you’ll have to set aside some time for this one, but I found it to be gripping.

Evicted by Matthew Desmond
$2.00 a Day: Living on Almost Nothing in America by H. Luke Shaefer and Kathryn Edin
PBS Frontline Podcast - The Housing Fix

At any given point I probably have about ten books in my hold queue at the library. And somewhat by accident, I spent most of October reading about poverty in the U.S. because those books happened to come in. And then I caught an episode of "Frontline" that so closely mirrored some of the things I’d read I figured I would group all of those together for you if you have any interest in learning about the gaps in government assistance on low-income housing.


Heaven’s Gate

I think anyone that knows me is aware that I have always had an interest in true crime (and also Law & Order: SVU). Cults fall into that area of interest for me and part of what makes this show so compelling is Glynn Washington’s own background having grown up in a cult himself.

Revisionist History - Blame Game

A coworker recommended Revisionist History to me about a year ago and I never got around to subscribing. That was a huge mistake— I’m working my way through the back catalog right now and pretty much every episode has been fascinating to me. Blame Game sticks out to me in part because I have always had a little bit of worry in the back of my head while driving, thinking that one day might car might just start accelerating uncontrollably.

This American Life - White Haze

This was the first podcast I had marked to share here so it’s not as timely as it was when it was first released, but I think it’s still worth a listen to get some insight into certain pockets of the right-wing that were linked to Charlottesville.

99% Invisible - La Sagrada Familia

A great episode from one of my favorite podcasts of all time. Hearing more about the background of La Sagrada Familia is making me that much more eager to see it in person!

I'm planning on making a monthly post like this so that the links and things I share aren't too "stale" by the time I'm sharing them. So if you enjoyed these, I will be back in December with more. At least that's the plan!

Emma Bumstead