Hi, I'm Emma.

I’m a designer and artist from Ann Arbor, Michigan. I’ve spent my career working as an in-house designer and love the opportunity to build long-term relationships that come with that. I’m currently working at Michigan Athletics with responsibilities ranging from designing and directing external marketing materials to mentoring a small team of student interns. Previously, I worked for the United Dairy Industry of Michigan so in addition to sports knowledge— I also have a few go-to fun facts about cows.

On the personal side of things, I’m a two-year ovarian cancer survivor with the kind of positive attitude that naturally follows an excellent prognosis. It’s left me on a bit of a self-improvement kick that I’m documenting here from time to time. Some of my more exciting goals revolve around engaging in new creative practices and challenges. I’m currently exploring animation and tackling #The100DayProject for a second year. You can follow along on Instagram with my hashtag #100DaysofEBDoodles!


embstead [at] gmail.com

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